The Killer Cookbook

The Killer Cookbook — Supporting Million for a Morgue!

The Killer Cookbook is helping raise more money for the Million for a Morgue campaign. Great writing, good humour and surprisingly tasty recipes make for an amazing project, that has exceeded expectations in every way.

The book is selling brilliantly, and has really helped us get the campaign into the public eye. Even better, it’s also been shortlisted in the Best Fundraising Cookbook in Europe category at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards (alongside Chez Maxim of Paris, in a slightly surreal turn of events). The Award will be announced this weekend, but whether or not we are on the winners podium it’s a tremendous accolade for a very strange book.

Check out this link on the awards and you can buy the book here.

Thanks again, all of you, for supporting Million for a Morgue – we appreciate it enormously.