Interview in Charlotte Observer & Bones Are Forever Review

Hi folks!  I recently did a fun little interview with Pam Kelley of the Charlotte Observer:

For her newest novel, “Bones Are Forever,” out Aug. 28, Reichs told me she was inspired by a visit to Yellowknife, a town in Canada’s Northwest Territories. There, she learned about diamond mines, gold mines and the arsenic that’s a gold-mining byproduct.

“As soon as they started talking about arsenic,” she told me, “I thought, ‘What a perfect place for a body.'”

Reichs also drew from forensic anthropology cases she had recently investigated. They included Florida’s Caylee Anthony case and the discovery of the body of an 11-month-old girl in an attic in eastern North Carolina.

Read the full interview here.  On another note, Crime Fiction Lover also wrote a great review of Bones Are Forever that is full of praise, exclaiming, “Bones Are Forever is a fast-moving, deftly plotted tale which runs the full gamut of emotions while managing to keep the reader on the edge of their seat. Definitely one to savour.”  You can read that full review here.

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