Huffington Post Interview

I recently did an interview with the folks over at the Huffington Post – check it out!  Following is an excerpt:

Reichs didn’t set out to be a TV producer, not at first. Her great initial passion was archaeology (bricks), which became anthropology (bones) and took her to academic heights and consultancy on police cases both in North Carolina and Montreal – very similar to the back-story of Temperance.

“It crosses your mind, that you might have a bestseller, or even a movie, but then you tell yourself off, you say, ‘don’t be stupid.’

After sixteen years at the height of her profession, the American author put fictional pen to paper for the first time, with Deja Dead, and decided if she got 50 rejections from publishers, she’d never try again. She got… zero rejections, and the rest is crime fiction history.

As well as her career history, Temperance Brennan shares Reichs’ humour, according to her friends – “when she makes a wisecrack, they say they can hear me” – but has more personal demons and an alcohol problem. Why did Reichs emphasise her character’s fragility?

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