Great Review of Bones of the Lost by Suspense Magazine!

Suspense Magazine has published a great review of Bones of the Lost in their latest issue:

“Bones of the Lost” by Kathy Reichs:

Forensic anthropologist, Tempe Brennan, is having an awful day when the novel begins. However, her day isn’t nearly as bad as the one the young North Carolina girl had when she was killed by a hit and run.

It soon becomes apparent that her death may not have been a simple accident. In fact, her body shows signs of acute trauma. The girl was carrying the business card of John Henry Story, who died in a fire recently. Tempe knows there’s a connection, but it’s not an easy one to make.

Tempe is also summoned to examine some smuggled Peruvian dog mummies that were confiscated by Customs. A former soldier seems to be implicated in the antiquities smuggling.

While Tempe is trying to tie threads together for her investigations, part of her is unraveling; her daughter enlists in the Army after the death of her boyfriend in Afghanistan. Also Pete, who is still her husband, is pushing her to finalize the papers for their divorce. This is something that Tempe is putting off as long as she can.

These interwoven plots, stretching to South America and Afghanistan, deal with a tough subject, as many of Reichs’ books do. This one is human trafficking. If the subject matter isn’t too difficult for you, this is a highly recommended read.

Reviewed by Kaye George, author of “Death in the Time of Ice” for Suspense Magazine