Fan Mail From Miami

Great pics and letters from a wonderful group of kids! We love Ponce de Leon Middle School in Miami. Think we should go back?

Hey Mrs. Reichs! I really like your book Code. I barely even read, but with your book Code, it makes me want to read more of your books. I plan on buying the book Exposure to see what happens. School ends on June 5th and we are still going through testing here at Ponce de Leon Middle School. I would really like to meet you, but it’s not only for us, it is for you too. You get to meet your fans here in Miami! -Denise Barrios

Dear Kathy and Brendan,

Hi! Honestly, I’m not going to lie to you. I’m not an avid reader at all! But when it came to reading Code, I found myself not being able to stop reading! I absolutely loved it. Although I would love to meet you, I’m sure you are preoccupied with other things. I am too. With the last day of school being June 5th, and field trips May 9th, 15th, and 16th, plus FCAT coming up these next weeks, my school is very busy. But, my friends and I would still like to meet you and ask you a couple of questions. Also, I think you would like Miami and I know the people in my school (Ponce de Leon Middle) would love to give you ideas and/or views and opinions. Please, please try!!!

Scarlett Rivas

Kathy and Brendan Reichs,

After your visit to Ponce de Leon Middle School last year, where I teach, I assigned Virals and Seizure to my incoming 8th graders for summer reading. We just finished reading Code in class, and many are choosing to read Exposure as one of this year’s summer reading selections. I know you are very busy, so I will get to the point. I have many, self-proclaimed non readers who were captivated by your books and could not get enough. NOT reading it has actually been a consequence for behaviors needing correction! I also have avid readers who are now hooked. Please come back soon to keep the fires burning!

In honest appreciation, Lynn Bryan

Dear Kathy and Brendan Reichs,

I am currently an 8th grader at Ponce de Leon Middle School in Miami, Florida. My class is reading your book “Code”. I am an avid reader and so naturally I adored the Virals series, but I was amazed to find that even the kids that claim to dislike reading simply could not put this book down. Thank you for your amazing stories that you have shared with us, and I hope that you can come to visit us again before the school year ends in the first week of June. With the most sincere of goodbyes and thank-yous. – Katie Ann Alvarez

PS: I’m the one on the left discussing the book with my friend and then breaking into uncontrollable laughter over Tory’s attitude 🙂

Virals. Flare. Pack. Wolf Dog. I’m hooked! You’re an amazing writer Mrs. Reichs, which is why you should definitely consider coming to Ponce de Leon Middle School some time soon. We have great students that would love to see you and hear you talk about your books. We’ve ALL read Code and we can’t stop talking about it. I’m also going to start reading Virals and Seizure! I’m a little out of order I know, but I hope you can come visit! -Amanda Alfonso

Dear Kathy and Brendan Reichs,

I really enjoy your books, they’re amazing. I don’t really like books made in this generation, but your book is an exception for me. I love how you organize all the mysteries and the things that happen the characters. The first sentence only, has me wanting to read more! I think that you should come and visit us at Ponce de Leon Middle School because we love you so much and I think it’s be a lot better to talk to you and ask you questions in person instead of through email. From a fan, Rozalyn Franklin

Dear Kathy and Brendan Reichs,

Hello! My name is Camilo and now that we are past the formalities, we can get on to why I am e-mailing you. I want you to come to our school. I am a big fan and have all the Virals books (except for the short stories) however I’ve lent them to other people and just have Code with me right now. Besides that, I can say that I like your books more than my teacher (Ms. Bryan) with 100% certainty. My proof is that I bought Exposure before her. She was not going to have that, so she went and bought it right after me. So to wrap this up, please come to our school, Ponce de Leon Middle again, and bye!

My name is Maria Alvarez and I’m a student at Ponce de Leon Middle School. My classmates and I have just recently finished reading Code from the Virals series in Ms. Bryan’s class. I must say you did an incredible job and that reading has led me on to buying Exposure. We would like to know if there was a possibility if you would come to the school and talk to us about your books, the TV show Bones, the filming of the movie (which we are really excited about!) and your job. We know your extremely busy, but we think it would be a great experience to have you at our school yet again. We look forward to hopefully seeing you! And thank you for your consideration.

Dear Mrs. Kathy Reichs,

Ok, so I might not be what you call and avid reader, but I really love your Virals books. I love the suspense and plot twists so much and I really hope you keep on writing. One of my favorite parts in Code was when Tory and the gang went to [SPOILER EDIT!]. All of us really love your books and we would be thrilled if you could come and visit us again at Ponce de Leon Middle School. -Ewan Hennessy

I am Lior Colina and I attend Ponce de Leon Middle. For the past couple of weeks my language arts class has been reading your book Code. We have already read your first two books, Virals and Seizure, during the summer. I can speak for the whole class when I say that we were hooked from the start. When [SPOILER EDIT!] the student reading that part aloud had to stop and question what just happened. You and your son have made an absolutely addicting book. It would be a wonderful End of the Year event for us to be able to meet you in person. From a fan of your work, Lior Colina. (the boy on the right.)