Dear Readers

To my dear readers,

As the old saying goes, fate brings good news and bad news.  Of late, some of each variety has bullied into my world.   Thus, I am making this very difficult posting concerning a tough but necessary decision.

There are two things in life I cherish above all else.  First and foremost comes my family.  Running a close second is my writing and through it, the happiness and sense of fulfillment provided to me by my readers. 

Over the past eight years I have been blessed with the joy of six grandchildren.  Unfortunately, over the past several years I have been plagued with health issues that can no longer be ignored.

So.  The bad news.  While I was very much looking forward to releasing a book this fall, and to touring and interacting with many of you, I find I must cancel.  At the urging of my physician, and with the blessing of my publisher and my agent, I will be taking what Tempe might call a sabbatical in order to heal and recover.  What Pete might refer to as R and R.  A period of rest and relaxation.   

But.  The good news.   Grancie (that’s me!)  will finally have the time to indulge Henry, Declan, Alice, Miles, Cooper, and Hazel while they are still young enough to allow her to do so.

I am devastated that I won’t be seeing you this year.  But I hope we can be together in the near future.

Kathy Reichs