Ms. Yengyang and Mr. Cotterill

I support students in Laos by helping to provide scholarship opportunities at teacher’s training schools. Specifically, I help support a student, Mr. Talon, who is studying education at a school in Luang Nam Tha, in the northeast of the country.  I help support another student, Ms. Yengyang, who is studying at the national university in Vientiane.  To find out how you can help, please email Colin Cotterill at:

Mr. Talon loves to play soccer and is a very good player. The teacher’s training school staff had said that Mr. Talon has really knuckled down to study and should do well next year. He has one more year to go.

Ms. Yengyang is from a small farming family. Her father has passed away and she has eight siblings. Ms Yengyang wants to teach secondary school back in her home village (which is two days walk from the nearest road) and is studying political science. She’s a bit shy but is doing very well in her classes.

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